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Hotel Management

Property Management


Vacation Rental Management


Hotel Management – Consulting

We analyze every tourism unit-facility that claims our services & we create via swat analysis the appropriate development  and expansion strategy

Property Management

We rent hotel-type businesses, furnished apartments and vacation houses with urban leasing or with closed-type contracting for a limited period (guarantee)

Vacation Rental Management

If you are a homeowner we can undertake the reservations of your property, it's promotion and all the dealing

Travel Agency

If you are a holiday maker you can trust us in organizing your holidays in one of our hand-picked properties and take advantage of the superior services that we provide. We offer a very personal...

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OreoGroup team is available by phone, fax, chat, skype telephone call and e-mail,
 to answer your questions and help you manage your tourism business.
Stratos Beretis/ Founder, Managing director /
Stratos Beretis
Stratos Beretis/ Founder, Managing director /
Being in the tourism business since my childhood, I have dedicated myself trying to offer the best services I can to both my cooperators and clients. I strongly believe in the human relationships & cooperation among people. My aim is to help property or vacation rental owners make the best out of their investments.

Dimitra Stathopoulou/ Travel advisor, Hotels reservations /
Dimitra Stathopoulou
Dimitra Stathopoulou/ Travel advisor, Hotels reservations /
Available to the client for any question or request, always following OreoGroup's philosophy of harmonious relationships between the company & the client, tourist or property owner. My goal is the tourist to receive the best possible service & the owner to feel and realize that we respect his property, investment & business effort.

Yiannis Mathioudakis/ Travel advisor, Villas bookings /
Yiannis Mathioudakis
Yiannis Mathioudakis/ Travel advisor, Villas bookings /
I believe that the holidays of each of us is a holy thing due to the hard conditions we all go through, therefore me and my team are trying to offer the best to our clients. For the property owners, I believe that due to the continuously dynamic & developed environment of the tourism business, they need a professional team to assist them.

Mik Deliyiannis/ IT /
Mik Deliyiannis
Mik Deliyiannis/ IT /
Implementation & monitoring of IT systems. Computer networks management, database administration, web administration, systems administration. Employees technical training & support. Information distribution technologies & marketing campaigns implementation.

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